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"My experience with Devon, has been amazing!! When I first met Devon, I was in a huge rut.  I had just turned 45 and felt like I was 105 (or what I think 105 feels like)!  Of course I knew that if I really wanted to get back into “fighting shape,” I could do it in no time, just like I had before….pfff!  A few protein shakes in lieu of a large meal, cut down on the booze & pizza or not and BOOM, it’s Spring Break ’87 again!


I couldn’t have been more wrong!! My training methods, diet and attitude were not only terrible, but outdated and seemed

to be out of bad 80’s slasher flick, metaphorically speaking of course!  I quickly learned that it wasn’t about “Maxing Out” and “Heavy Weights, bro,” but more about common sense, eating smart and LISTENING, really LISTENING to Devon’s advice.


Look, at this point some of you may be thinking, “I don’t have a bad attitude and my diet is pretty good, may be you should have gone to a "head Dr." instead of a Trainer!!” Yea, no!, What I mean is that over the course of several months, (btw, I only intended on meeting with Devon for a “few” sessions), I began to understand that if just shut-up, listen and stop with the “I have all the answers,” attitude, then I might just stand a chance to live past age 55!!  Although I don’t consider myself too out of shape, the reality is that I come from family

with a history of high blood pressure, diabetes & pimpin’! If I expect to live to see my kids grow up, then I better begin to be a bit more serious about my health. Devon, in her own way, helped me understand that I could do simple things every day, combined with a healthy diet that would greatly improve my quality of life.


BOTTOM LINE; Devon is incredibly knowledgeable, but in my opinion, the MOST impressive quality about Devon, is her patience, sincerity and her approach to helping you achieve “YOUR” goals!! 


She doesn’t make you fill out a long-ass questionnaire to figure out your deficiencies and needs and then determines your goals for you based on the latest bull$#%! software, diet or trend. Devon truly cares and takes the time to write an individualized training plan for YOU based on YOUR needs & goals. 

She’s truly amazing and most importantly cares deeply about YOUR success, whatever way “YOU” may define it!

As Devon says, “Best in Health!!"