"I started training   with Devon a couple years ago when she was employed  at a big box gym. I had been working out with another trainer for a couple years and    really  enjoyed     training   with him,  but Devon took it to another level! I had never worked out as hard or pushed myself as much as I did with Devon. That being said,   when Devon decided to move on from  that facility  it   was  upsetting to  lose   her as a trainer. Thankfully she called me about  6-months later  to let me know she was at a local studio.   Needless to say,  I jumped at the chance to workout with her again! Devon is such a good trainer and not only coaches  you  with a  firm approach, but also helps you with your food and motivates you. Her workouts are never easy but I always feel great  after because I know I put my all into it!   I would recommend Devon to anyone who is ready to go to the next level!"