"In 2012 I realized that for the last few years I had been taking care of everyone else and putting myself last. Having had a double spinal disk replacement 3 years earlier, getting fit and STAYING fit was necessary…And that brought me to Devon.

I spent two years training with Devon in Portland, Maine. She changed my life. Devon is the best trainer that I have ever had. She motivates you, pushes you, and GETS you results. Devon walks the walk, and talks the talk. YOUR goals are hers. She believes that each person has it in himself/ herself to reach his/her fitness potential. Her approach is this whole person, smart full body excercises that work the entire body and maximize your time working out, but also, and most importantly, that lay a solid foundation that keeps you motivated and teaches you to love your body.  I feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to train with Devon, there is no one like her….She’s the one of a kind!"