"In 2014 I was middle aged, about 50 pounds overweight, unhealthy and unhappy with myself.   I knew I needed to get in better shape, be a better role model for my soon to be teenage daughter and over all be healthier.  But I didn't know where to start.


In late July I signed up for a fitness/nutrition program at my gym. It is scary and uncomfortable....and then I meet Devon.  Devon is a ball of energy and positivity and gets me excited about being healthy.  Makes me think that maybe i can do this! I go home energized.  I get my husband to commit to being on morning duty twice a week so I can go to the gym and to eat healthier with me. 


 Working with Devon is amazing.  She is inspiring, and pushy, and determined to help me succeed. She tells me less cardio, more weights so I strength train, and I loose weight and feel stronger.   Devon kept pushing me.   Every time I thought I could not- she showed me I could.  Every time I tried to take an easier (lazier) path- she was right there, giving me heavier weights or jumping on the sled and encouraging me to dig deep and push harder.  And she was right.  Every. Time.   Even today when I chose weights, I hear Devon's voice in my head and I always go for heavier and push through it. 

Devon was with me when I ran my first mile and when I ran my first 5k (and kept increasing the speed on the treadmill in classic Devon style).  She cheered and pushed me over 7 months to lose 45 pounds!  I sleep better, I have more energy and am a better mom because I am healthier.  She continues to be my personal cheerleader and inspiration!"