A  B  O  U  T 

Devon Michelle Bernier

Certified Personal Trainer

Middlebury College

National Personal Training Institute



Pre/Post Natal 

Life Fitness Academy​

Being bold enough to walk into a training space doesn’t come easy, but if a person can be guided by a patient, progressive, accountable coach, then they exceed expectations. One should own their exercises, understand the why behind the movements and be confident to train on their own. Devon, a trainer of 16-years, doesn’t just train, she educates.  A graduate of New England’s Middlebury College, Devon earned the title of All-American Swimmer, co-captaining both the Women’s Swimming and Rugby Teams. After leaving Vermont, Devon returned to the classroom to graduate from Orlando’s  National Personal Training Institute, certified in NASM-CPT/CES as well as CrossFit Level-1, the Functional Movement Screen, and Pre-Post Natal training. As a Master Trainer & Ambassador for Life Fitness/Hammer Strength, Devon coaches other fitness professionals to develop a more organic approach. Sit down with her to realize your own potential, and as Tom Landry once said, "A Coach is someone who tells you what you don’t want to hear, who has you see what you don’t want to see, so you can be who you always knew you could be.” 

If I have learned anything in my career as a personal trainer, it's that movement will influence everything in your life. The way you eat, sleep, care for loved ones, or make decisions in the work place - it all starts with movement through exercise. Clarity, endurance, being pain-free, and treating yourself better are just a few of the benefits. And, once you decide you're ready to improve yourself, you need to start somewhere. 

Reach out for help to assist you in defining those ambiguous health goals. You weren't meant to know it all, no matter how obvious it may seem or how long you've been in the gym. Welcome support where you realize you lack strength (which you'll soon find) and be comfortable launching your endeavor at the start line, ground zero, the beginning.  It's a foundatoin that will carry you far, and although there may be stuggles, hurdles and obstacles, there will be just as many or more breakthroughs, successes and celebrations."

-Coach Devon

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